About ARMC

ARMC is one the leading and best equipped medical facilities which were founded in June 2009 in the state of Kerala. It was initially established as a 'Day Care IVF centre' whose main objective was simple - to provide cutting edge fertility care in a hospitable and friendly environment that best supported every patients' needs, both emotionally and financially. This innovative approach of ARMC was a deviation from the conventional medical care model that aimed at only addressing the physical aspects of treatment. This hospital has set a new benchmark when it comes to addressing a patient's holistic, relationship-based treatment from the medical care providers.

IVF-ICSI has been an integral part of the services provided by this centre since the time of its conception. Originally, the program was started in association with Moulana IVF, Perintalmanna so that patients who have had difficulty conceiving a pregnancy can benefit from the professional expertise and experience of one of the state's most renowned clinics in this field. As Medical Head of both ARMC and the Assisted Conception Unit at Moulana Hospital, Perintalmanna, Kerala, Dr. K.U.Kunjumoideen leads the team of doctors, scientists, nurses and administration staff who are dedicated and determined to ensure that all couples are given the very best chance of achieving a successful pregnancy.

As leaders in the field of reproductive medicine, our doctors offer the most advanced treatments available in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Because we understand that each of our couples is facing their own unique issues and challenges, we strive to provide compassionate care that is customized to their needs and goals. At each of our locations - Kozhikode, Dubai, Mangalore,ThrissurAND Palakkad - patients can expect to receive the highest quality infertility treatment from our caring professionals.